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Thomas Roulston, III Managing Partner
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tom_pic_2Over the past 25 years, Mr. Roulston has worked for, created and led several businesses in the financial, manufacturing, marketing and consulting industries. Since 1997, Mr. Roulston has served as the President of Thomas Roulston III Investment Partners, Inc. Prior to 1996, he was Senior Vice President of Roulston & Company, Inc. Mr. Roulston was President and founder of Roulston Buyside Research from 2005 thru 2015. Most of his tenured career was in finance with many investments and experiences that taught challenges to overcome and adaptability to changing circumstances.

As an example, throughout each stage of his financial career Mr. Roulston had exposure to investors, portfolio managers and top analysts on the buy and sell side of the business. Mr. Roulston's background in institutional research sales and investment management were the foundation to develop a proprietary analysis of portfolio managers’ selection process of individual investments. The system identifies methodology thru history of economic cycles. Process disciplines established by managers are benchmarked to identify performance versus their peer groups and offers predictive insight of future trends.

Throughout his career, Mr. Roulston has been hiring interns and interviewing thousands of job candidates and students. Research has always been at the core of the services that he has engaged in. Through that research in 2012 Mr. Roulston and a group of business associates recognized social and cultural changes that were changing many investment themes but also impacting the applicants’ preparedness for careers. Experiential learning, networking and life skills were all areas where students and young professionals were less prepared than past generations. Thus in 2015 they formed a not for profit organization, TrustNavigator to offer guidance, direction and coaching to students of all backgrounds to identify and, engage career passions and pursue personalized strategies. Success coaching in the past has not been scaled and modernized to include technology and gamification. This programming to reward each important step to career identification and pursuit is now incorporated into internships, a Lifelaunching App and virtual life skill coaching methods created and personalized by TrustNavigator.

Internships led by Mr. Roulston and other associates incorporated discovery of individual professions and careers such as business leadership, sales, marketing and financial advisory just as examples. The internships include real interaction with business and industry leaders, hands on application of industry skills and career path guidance post internship. An internship thus becomes only a step in the TrustNavigator goal to gainful employment of all alumni.

As an example, in the investment advisory internship the application of proprietary analysis, batting averages and analysis of managers' stock selection disciplines are taught and incorporated into templates that each intern researches. These template reports are refined during 10 week internships done virtually giving each graduate of the program examples of workmanship to show thoughtfulness, preparation skills and individual competency allowing them to advance to more experiences of discovery and career preparedness, TrustNavigator stays involved with alumni who are encouraged and benefit by themselves staying engaged for referrals, networking introductions and recommendations.

Mr. Roulston attended St. Lawrence University and is active philanthropically having served on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Board of Trustees, State Troopers and the Shaker 100, and currently in his second decade with Recovery Resources. Tom Roulston speaks to employer, education, student and parent groups on education and career opportunities of the future. Mr. Roulston's hobbies include hockey, skiing, biking, baseball and hunting.