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Trust Navigator offers both in-house and virtual internships!

We are actively looking for students and young professionals that are interested in relevant work experience in the investment management industry. We want excited, active, and take-charge individuals interested in a career or interested in gaining experience in portfolio management, analysis and understanding investment styles and disciplines. We value those that take initiative, demonstrate diligence, and have an attention for detail.

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Virtual Investment Advisor Internship

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Investment Advisor Internship

Introducing: TrustNavigator

TrustNavigator is a not-for-profit focused on preparing college students for excelling in careers, (not just jobs) after graduation. TrustNavigator aims to improve the future outlook for recent graduates while connecting employers with qualified candidates who are excited about the beginnings of their careers. Operating as an on-campus student organization, TrustNavigator offers career education and professional development classes, weekly employment panels, and shadowing/mentorship/internship programming with corporate partners.

We are looking for go-get-‘em college students who are interested in helping develop our program and progress our outreach.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, visit

Check out our internships here: Trust Navigator Student Ambassadorship and Trust Navigator Partners In-House Intern