Roulston Investment Partners

Roulston Investment Partners was founded by Thomas Roulston III in 1997 to provide independent consulting services. Mr. Roulston has spent a career selling investment research to the largest mutual funds, hedge funds, government pension funds, international sovereign funds and money managers throughout the world thru Roulston And Company and Roulston Research. This experience gave a unique perspective for how investors looked at markets and their processes for investing. This enabled him to recognize quality versus hype in research analysis, stock picking and investment selection. Compare this to an attentive teacher understanding student knowledge levels from testing rather than the students selling their knowledge of content to others uneducated in the subject matter.

In today’s investment world of passive and active investments there are many ways to analyze services and continuity. Many theories exist. The vehicles for investing have history and legacy to understand their benefits and their faults. Thomas Roulston Investment Partners brings an experienced insight to consult institutions as to the markers of sustainable processes, best practices, and legacy products. Unbiased research has valuable benefits versus sales pitches, media advertising and other influences and conflicts that bias today’s branding of investment services.